Water, water everywhere

floating stonesOne of the most amazing things about living on an island is the water. I am endlessly fascinated by the tides, tidepools, waterbirds and reflections on the water… storms are amazing too, but I haven’t been out in one lately.



I hope somebody can tell me the name of these ducks (or even if they are ducks). I know I should know what they are called, but I don’t. I love the strange marbled patterns on the beaks of what I presume are the males.



I just love her face. Seagulls have amazing individuality, no two are alike. They probably would say that about humans, too. Well, maybe we all look alike to them.


Wet sand at low tide reflecting the sky. The beach is never the same as it was the last time I was there.


A tiny, perfect moment. The colour of this very small shell caught the sunshine and glowed.



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