Dance of the Secret Elf

When you let yourself be seen
in movement, body, wild and serene
It opens space, it manifests
Brings through essence, and it tests
your commitment to yourself.

“The light! It burns!” cries Secret Elf
the one who ripples, glides and leaps,
the dancer who is tired of sleep.
She wants to wake, to stretch, to glow
but shy, so shy! wants none to know

her ways, her moves, dance in the dark
but the music’s played in crowds! A lark
who sings at dawn could play for her
but human music has the power
to lift her, pluck her strings, vibrate

When the music’s played, she can’t hold state.
Stillness equals death. She knows
that in her movement, power grows
And yet those eyes! They look and judge
and from their stance, they will not budge

til you yourself take them in hand
Relax, release, reclaim your land.

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