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screaming eagles

It’s February, which means it’s the dead of winter elsewhere in Canada. Here on the West Coast, though, it’s SPRING! And the eagles are very happy about that!

I’ll introduce you to some of the special characters I’ve met around the island.

I met this sweetheart perched on the fence outside the Arbutus Arts shop down at Ford Cove. I love ravens, so deeply dignified and goofy, true zen masters!


And then there are the crows; pure cheek! Where ravens seem ancient and wise, crows are more like pesky siblings, always squabbling. I like this shot because of the patterns of light and shadow in the background, and for the look in his eye, so sharp and curious.
Seagulls are wonderful characters. Look at this guy, standing on one leg like a yogi… “What are you looking at?”
Anytime you want a face to face with a deer, just go up to the Recycling Depot compost pile. This lady was munching discarded veggies with her crew. I like her sweet face so much I used it for my site icon.
Of course, there are no lack of off-leash pups on the Island. This girl had lovely gold brown eyes; I had to capture her. She posed very nicely for me.


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