Yin and Yang of Living Whole

The darkest moment is the seed of light
There is no evil enemy to fight
The fuel needs the flame, to ignite
destroys them both, but o they blaze so bright

Beauty follows ugly, and decays
becoming ugly, ’tis the earthly way
sprouting seeds of beauty, life and joy
then composting in darkness, boy oh boy

Both are yin and yang of living whole
which contains them both, in every living soul
You are rotting, changing, sprouting, new and old
an ecosystem in you, taking hold

Don’t identify with good or bad
The whole is neither, but you can be glad
The whole’s alive to manifest your dream
Do not deny the dark side, only scream

Releasing rage and venting pressure, heave
and turn the compost pile, never leave
yourself alone in death, you are required
There is no end to life, even retired

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