Faith is the Mover

Faith is your might, your mover of mountains
When you can find it, it flows like a fountain
It’s easy to find when you know what to do
but hard when you don’t, and sticky as glue

Belief in the past, in the way it has been
will trap you in patterns, that is the sin
for which you be punished by it coming true
The fate you predicted will always find you

Let go of predictions, know not what will be
and live in the moment, in ‘just wait and see’
Refuse to project, let all be unknown
Call home your fears, all the seeds you have sown

Reap in the now, and prepare the new soil
and plant your desire, but don’t strain or toil
Feel fear of the future but let it be mist,
the veil of the mystery, clouds don’t insist

on piercing with sight to see what’s to be
Don’t spoil our surprise, let futures be free

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