Forget the Separative Stories

Listen for the heart that you adore
and know that love is what a heart is for
The crazy ways of lovers do attest
that crazy is the way that love is best

Logic is a sense, not a technique
The more you think, the more it becomes bleak
Detached from mind, the heart’s a broken stone
reducing living flesh to bleached-out bone

You cannot plan or cogitate your fate
nor lift above yourself, for to create
from abstract realms will part from living heart,
this beating beast that strains to reach apart

and bond two selves into a greater whole.
From that place, to bond again, the soul
must knit its ragged edges, patch the rents
fill the empty gaps and heal the dents

Dissolve into the newly minted truth
Forget the separative stories, soothe
the need for rightness, listen to the foe
include it in yourself, then open, grow

This humble greatness shall rebirth the star
and waken dormant pleasures that we are

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