Bathing in Breath of Life

Breathing in your breath of life
It washes you, removes your strife
Deepen, open, let it in
Breath of life shall help you win

This fractal evolution winds
both in and out, loses and finds
all things incorporated in Self
complexity, both angelĀ and elf

are part of Whole, no demon or wrong
just different verses in the Life Song
You are conductor, not voice in the choir
You can include all that burns in the fire

without disappearing, so nothing is lost
but only transformed with never a cost
This change operation can frighten your parts
but you are the whole, and it’s time to start

to live as if truly the one that you are
no planet, no species, you are the star
that lights up your day with never a night
you are the endless soaring of flight

The ground underneath, the background of sky
All is included in You when you fly

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