This is the blog of Bee Wolf-Ray. Bee, aka Phoenix, rose from the ashes of a childhood so traumatic that she doesn’t like to talk about it. More than half her sixty years have been devoted to emotional healing, personal growth, and mental development. Using creativity as a tool for therapy and self-study, she has created some wonderful things that she is pleased to share.

Imagine a child chasing rainbows, who catches one in her hand. She offers it to you, but the rainbow ripples apart and vanishes in a burst of colour. What you see is not what she saw; the rainbow is broken, and that is tragic. But broken colours can make magic. Though the vision fractures in translation, there is much to ponder and enjoy in these thoughts and images.

The digital art was made this way: every day a different selfie, layered with photographs taken on or near that day. From dark to light and into absurd.

Each morning upon waking, a rhyming poem. Still half asleep, words flow without thought, words arranged like paint on blank canvas. Some are strange, some are simple, some are profound. Some read like advice from a loving God. She thinks that’s what they are.

She is finished with shame, and so self-love is the only option. She thinks you’ll like her blog, and hopes that if she is wrong, you’ll keep it to yourself. She trusts you. The Internet is a kind and loving place. Right?

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Hornby Island is a paradise in the Salish Sea. I started this blog as a venue to share some photos of this stunning island in all her moods. I shoot landscapes, macros, portraits of birds, animals & people, the water, rocks, reflections, anything that catches my eye in a given moment. Enjoy.